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Action in VET in Azerbaijan

Year/Date: 03/10/2017


Modernising vocational education and training (VET) in Azerbaijan is high on the national agenda and helping to support the country’s economic growth.

A new national agency for VET has been established, the first ever law for VET is being prepared, and the roadmap for development is being implemented, including ways to better integrate employers into the system.

Representatives from government, business, VET institutions and international donor organisations met in the capital Baku, (3-4 October) to look at ways of taking the agenda forward by strengthening public-private partnerships.

European Union (EU) Action Grants for selected VET schools and centres in Gabala, Ismayilly, Gakh, Jalibad, Ganja and Barda are a particular focus of the two-day workshop, jointly organised by the ETF, the EU Delegation to Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Education.

The about-to-start Action Grants are part of the EU’s €19 million Education Support Programme (2017-2019) in Azerbaijan. The aim is to increase the attractiveness and labour market relevance of VET through increased and diverse forms of cooperation between VET providers and the private sector.

Famil Mustafayev, Director of the State Agency for Vocational Education, says the EU support coincides with efforts in VET reform, including preparation of the nation's first VET law.

'Implementation, however, remains a challenge particularly if the private sector involvement and social dialogue are not fostered. Many challenges need to be addressed, including school modernisation and a stronger involvement of the private sector to foster social dialogue for a smoother implementation of the VET roadmap.'

Isa Habibbayli, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Science and Education, says new VET schools and modernisation should ‘enhance attractiveness of VET.’

'The draft VET law, together with the VET roadmap should provide support for the work of the VET national agency, he said, noting this progress had become a reality thanks to the support of the EU and the ETF.

‘Learning from each other and from experience abroad remains key during finalisation of the legal framework and implementation.’

Jeroen Willems, Head of Cooperation at the EU Delegation in Azerbaijan, said important steps in VET reform, including the national agency, roadmap and draft law demonstrate Azerbaijan’s commitment to this priority sector.

'The engagement towards reforming the VET system has also become clear with Azerbaijan taking the lead, for the first time, in the Torino Process,' he added.



The event in Baku is part of European Vocational Skills Week – the European Commission’s initiative highlighting the benefits of better VET. The ETF is a partner in the initiative, and all of its 29 partner countries bordering Europe are encouraged to get on-board by hosting their own event.

Running from September through to December, the #EUVocationalSkillsWeek campaign is helping to show how VET is a smart choice, fun, and leads to excellence in education, high-quality jobs and increased employability. For more info, visit the website here.

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The ETF provides technical support to the EU Delegation in Azerbaijan for the formulation, implementation and monitoring of the EU Education Support Programme, which, together with the work of other international donors, is contributing to the implementation of the Strategic Roadmap for VET Development.

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