Nota bene: This vacancy is open for applications only to staff members of EU Regulatory Agencies.

In order to promote mobility of Temporary Agents between Agencies in the framework of the Inter Agency Job Market Agreement, the ETF (European Training Foundation) wishes to inform staff from all EU Regulatory Agencies1 in category AD 9-12 of the vacant Senior Manager post of:

Head of Administration Department

Contract: Open to Temporary Agents in Function Group AD with a grade between 9 and 12.
Initial contract duration: 3 years (subject to a probation period of 6 months).

The employer
The ETF is an EU agency whose mission is to help transition and developing countries to harness the potential of their human resources through the reform of education, training and labour market systems in the context of the EU's external relations policy. We base our work on the conviction that human resources development in a lifelong learning perspective can make a fundamental contribution to increasing prosperity, creating sustainable growth and encouraging social inclusion in transition economies.
The ETF is based in Turin, northern Italy, and has a staff of approximately 130. Further information on our activities can be found on our website:
The ETF offers an exciting working environment with flexible work organisation and high levels of individual responsibility. As a learning and knowledge sharing organisation, we promote and offer excellent opportunities for the continued professional development of our staff.

The department
The Administration Department is made up of the Human Resources Unit, the Finance, Contract and Procurement Unit, the Infrastructure and Technology Management Unit and the Quality Control Planning and Administrative Support Team in total employing approximately 40 staff members..
The department also provides legal advice to the ETF and includes accountancy services.

Job profile

The Head of Administration is responsible for the achievement of the mission of the Administration Department which is to contribute to the implementation of ETF’s mandate and vision by providing an efficient support to all ETF’s departments.

Key accountabilities
The Head of Administration Department reports to the agency’s Director.
As member of the Management Team, the successful candidate will be asked to contribute to the orientation of the agency as a whole and to the elaboration and implementation of the institutional strategy. In addition, s/he she may be delegated the duty of representing the agency, particularly in liaising with auditing bodies.
As manager of the Administration Department, the successful candidate shall ensure that ETF is deploying efficient and coherent Administrative Services able to:

  • provide the basis for a Competency-Based human resources management;
  • guarantee a functional and safe working environment for the ETF staff;
  • establish the basis for an agency-wide sound financial management;
  • support the agency's risk identification and risk management by assessment and in some instances management of legal and other non-financial risks.

The Head of Administration Department is the delegated authorizing officer for all expenses under the area of responsibilities of the department and manages directly all middle managers and some professionals in the department.

Eligibility criteria
  1. The candidate shall be employed in an Agency as referred to in Article 1 (1) of the Inter Agency Job Market Agreement as a temporary agent 2a on long term employment and be currently graded between AD 9 and AD 12 and meet the criteria mentioned in article 3 (2) of the Inter Agency Job Market Agreement.
  2. In accordance with the Inter-Agency Job Market agreement, staff members from agencies not yet having signed the agreement can also apply.

Selection criteria
Candidates must have at least:
  • 8 years professional experience in team management;
  • 5 years successful experience and in-depth knowledge in more than one area of administration;
  • 4 years professional experience in working in a multicultural, international and multidisciplinary environment.

Required technical competences
  • Good financial management competences and a solid understanding of ethics and procurement standards applicable in an EU public administration;
  • Good knowledge of the EU Staff Regulations and their related implementing rules;
  • Good knowledge of the concept of Internal Control Standards;
  • Good people management competences in particular in orienting and developing middle managers;
  • Ability to report in a concise and persuasive manner, both in writing and orally;
  • Very good2 knowledge of English;
  • Good3 knowledge of French.

Required core competences
  • Strong leadership with developed social skills;
  • High level communication and negotiation skills;
  • Excellent analysis, synthesis and problem solving skills;
  • Good organisational skills;
  • Team working skills with a capacity to share knowledge effectively, build trust through operating with transparency and creating an open and positive environment;
  • Service orientation skills;
  • Capacity in establishing and maintaining effective working relations at different levels;
  • Capacity to integrate and work effectively in an international and multi-cultural environment.

  • Experience in supervising functional specifications drafting in the frame of IT solutions development;
  • Good4 knowledge of Italian.

Selection procedure
The selection procedure will be carried out in three phases.

First phase – Screening of eligibility and selection criteria.
Eligibility of candidates will be firstly assessed according to compliance with the eligibility criteria.
The Selection Assessment Board will then consider the competences of eligible applicants on the basis of the CV provided and invite the most suitable candidates to the second phase.
Candidates selected for the second phase will be notified via email by 30 March.

Second phase – Assessment Centre
Selected candidates will be invited to an Assessment Centre, run by external consultants, that will take place 14 April 2009.

Third phase – Interviews
Candidates short-listed after the assessment centre phase will then be called for an interview with the Selection Assessment Board. Candidates may also be asked to undergo a technical written test.
Interviews will be held in English and French.
Upon completion of the assessment phases, a reserve list of the most suitable candidates will be proposed to the Director by the Selection Assessment Board. The successful candidate will then be appointed by the Director.
The Selection Assessment Board’s work and deliberations are strictly confidential and any contact with the board members is strictly forbidden.

Contractual conditions
The initial contract that may be offered to the successful candidate is a Temporary Agent contract with a duration of three years, subject to a probation period of six months.
The selected candidate will maintain his/her grade. Article 32 of the Staff Regulations and the general implementing provisions concerning the criteria applicable to classification in grade and step on appointment or engagement shall apply concerning the classification in step.

Submission of applications
Interested candidates are invited to send their applications via the ‘Job vacancies’ section of the ETF website. The following documents must be provided in English:

  • a curriculum vitae using the Europass CV format, available on the ETF website (other formats will not be considered);
  • a self-declaration stating that the candidate fulfils point 1 of the Eligibility criteria section.
  • the form available on the ETF website detailing the candidate’s professional experience in support of each of the three points under the Selection criteria section.

Applications may also be sent by fax to the ETF HR Unit at the following number:
(+39) 011 630 23 88.

Only applications submitted online through the ETF website or by fax and using the Europass CV format will be accepted.
In order to be considered, applications must be received by the closing date for submission and, if sent by fax, clearly quote the reference number ETF/IAJM/09/01.
Failure to comply with one of the above formal requirements or eligibility criteria will result in disqualification of the applicant.

Closing date for the submission of applications: 25 March 2009 at 23.59 (Central European Time).

Due to the volume of applications, only applicants short-listed for the assessment phases will be contacted further.

The ETF is an equal opportunities employer and encourages all qualified candidates to apply.
EU legislation on personal data protection and confidentiality of information will apply to all personal data collected for this selection process. The documents provided in support of the application during the selection procedure will not be returned to candidates, but will be kept on file at the ETF.

1. This decision does not apply to executive agencies financed by the general budget of the European Communities and not to the agencies falling within the second and third pillars of the Treaty of the European Union which do not apply the Staff Regulations.
2. Equivalent to minimum C1 level for all dimensions as defined in the Europass CV instructions
3. Equivalent to minimum B1 level for all dimensions as defined in the Europass CV instructions
4. Equivalent to minimum B1 level for the understanding and speaking dimensions as defined in the Europass CV instructions

Compulsory form to be filled in and attached to your application Selection criteria form.doc

You can download the pdf version of the vacancy notice ETF-IAJM-09-01.pdf

Inter-Agency Job Market agreement IAJM  02-08 - Agreement.pdf

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