Vacancy notice ETF/REC/17/06
VET Specialists - Creation of a reserve list

Contract: Temporary Agent – Function group AD, grade 7

Contract duration: 3 years, subject to a probation period of 9 months

Closing date for submission of applications: extended until 5 January 2018 at 23.59 (Central European Time).

Please download the vacancy notice ETF-REC-17-06 EXTENDED DEADLINE.pdfETF-REC-17-06 EXTENDED DEADLINE.pdf

Please download the "Selection criteria form" to be filled in and attached to your application Selection criteria form ETF-REC-17-06.docSelection criteria form ETF-REC-17-06.doc

The vacancy notice is available in all EU official languages

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The Selection Assessment Board (SAB) members for this selection procedure are: Ms Manuela Prina, Ms Maria do Carmo Matos Gomes and Mr Henrik Faudel.

Please note that the Selection Assessment Board’s work and deliberations are strictly confidential and any contact with them is not allowed. Please be aware that contacting members of the SAB constitutes grounds for disqualification from the selection procedure.

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