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What topics we deal with

What topics we deal with

The ETF continuously develops its thematic expertise. Innovation and learning combined with knowledge management are keys to ensuring that the ETF sustains and strengthens its abilities to meet its objectives.

Below is an overview on the thematic areas which can be defined as the key factors in ETF’ strategy; to browse the single topics, please use the left sidebar or click on a topic below.

  • VET system assessment

    Put simply, lifelong learning means that people can – and should have the opportunity to – learn throughout their lives.

  • Skills and migration

    Increased labour mobility across borders brings the skills issue onto the international agenda so the ETF also focuses on policy actions related to skills and employment of both emigrants and returnees.

  • Entrepreneurial learning

    The ETF aims to develop the capacity of partner country institutions and other stakeholders in developing, monitoring and reviewing policies in the areas of entrepreneurial learning and enterprise skills.

  • Employment and Employability

    “Employment”: promoting better functioning and inclusive labour markets and vocational education and training systems in ETF partner countries.

  • Qualifications Systems

    The ETF's role in qualifications is to provide expertise for the reform of qualifications systems in partner countries, in their various stages of planning and implementation.

  • Learning and teaching in VET

    Teachers are a critical factor in education reforms. The ETF takes therefore the role of schools and teachers seriously throughout its work.

  • VET quality assurance

    Quality assurance is provided through the development of methodological instruments to facilitate a structured policy learning process, integrating quality assurance principles, and reinforcing the quality assurance dimension in the Torino Process.

  • VET Governance

    Governance modes and models have a high correlation with the overall performance of education and training policies, influencing their strategic formulation and implementation.

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