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The European Union candidate country is the 18th largest world economy, with top ten aspirations by 2023. Despite the vibrant business sector, unemployment levels are high, particularly affecting women and young people, with approx. 29% of those aged 15 to 29 not in work, education or training.
Turkey lags behind EU benchmarks in education, training and employment, but it is making rapid progress, prioritising human resource development. Reducing unemployment, attaining a flexible labour market structure, establishing an effective relationship between education and the labour market, and extending active labour market programmes are issues of immediate action. Implementation of new, innovative and effective education and training policies is becoming common practice, coupled with good multi-level governance models.
The Vision 2023, Tenth Development Plan (2014–2018), Lifelong Learning Strategy and Vocational Education and Training (VET) Strategy (2014–2018) set targets and roadmaps, and are all linked to the EU strategy. While the issue of skills development is approached in the National Employment Strategy (2014–2023), which aims to create a better relationship between education and employment through relevant training and strengthening the use of qualification standards.


• Quality of work and the role of training and certification (especially in risky and dangerous occupations)
• Recognition of prior learning
• Modernising work-based learning
• Consistent skills anticipation system
• Addressing the challenge of the high-tech skills, low-tech skills and re-skilling from a lifelong learning perspective
• Reducing unemployment with a focus on youth and female participation
• Attaining a more flexible labour market structure
• Establishing an effective relationship between education and labour market and extending the active labour program

ETF’s Role

• Support to the EU Delegation
• Ongoing support for Turkish National Qualification System, Accreditation and Quality Assurance for VET and employability
• ETF regional projects on entrepreneurial learning (SBA assessment) and the continuous professional development of VET teachers.

For more info, contact the ETF Country Desk: Lida Kita, e-mail

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