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The Lebanese labour market is characterised by low activity and employment rates, limited female participation, a large informal sector, a high influx of foreign workers and a large number of skilled Lebanese people seeking and obtaining employment abroad.

Vocational and technical education is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. Education levels are generally high, performing well compared to many neighbouring countries thanks to its diversity access. VET has traditionally received less attention and fewer resources, limiting reform potential. VET enrolments represent approx. 15% of the total. A VET action plan was approved in 2011, delayed by socio-political instability. The plan shows renewed interest in VET and could lead to a more comprehensive strategy for reform.

Partnership and participation in VET governance, however, remain limited. The system is highly centralised, schools have little autonomy and social partners are not involved in decision-making linked to skills development. The persistent mismatch between education and labour market demand, negatively affects employability.


• Develop a comprehensive vision for skills development and a strategy for VET reform
• Develop quality labour market information system
• Better articulate the dialogue among the different actors in VET, particularly between business and education
• Revise, update, and improve vocational specialisms and curricula

ETF’s Role

• Support to the EU Delegation - formulating intervention on VET and employment through the framework of the EU–Lebanon Mobility Partnership
• Support entrepreneurial learning, including non-formal learning and creating a platform for dialogue to streamline activities
• Survey of migrant support measures from an employment and skills perspective, feeding into the EU–Lebanon Mobility Partnership

• Torino Process

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